The location where the portrait will hang may govern the size as it may be hanging among other portraits, so one may not want it to be too big or too small.

Size / price schedule:

10 x 8 – 14 x 11 inches: $2,500

15 x 12 – 19 x 15 inches: $4,500

20 x 16 – 29 x 23 inches: $7,500

30 x 24 – 34 x 29 inches: $10,500

35 x 30 – 39 x 34 inches: $13,500

40 x 35 – 44 x 39 inches: $16,500

45 x 40 – 54 x 46 inches: $20,500

(prices are subject to change depending on the complexity of the painting, i.e., the more and complicated the objects the more it can affect the time and work necessary to complete the painting)

The frame, shipping, transportation to and from the location, lodging and business expenses, such as car rental, meals, etc., are not included in the price and will be reimbursed by the client.


Among the materials I use are the high-grade fine weave Belgium linen and high quality paints (Williamsberg, Blox, Old Holland, Gamblin).  The painting will be ready to hang within approximately six months (or before) after the start (smaller sizes may be faster).


The work progress will be in six stages as follows:

1) The painting will be started with 50% of the cost paid in advance.  The remaining 50% will be paid at the delivery of the painting.

2) At the time the payment is made, I will set up a sitting appointment to photograph the subject.  They may want to think about and prepare the various objects we will have in the painting in advance.  The photo shoot could be at their home, office or where ever they wish.  In this time I will also like talk with them for a while and get to know them to better familiarize myself with them for the painting, I may take this opportunity to do some sketches as well.  After the photos of the subject are taken we all will sit down and choose the best headshot for the painting.  This can be done that day since I will be downloading the photos directly to my computer.  If we cannot decide on a photo at that time, I can also burn a disc of the photos so they can think about it over time.  This entire session will require around 3 – 5 hours.

3) Once we approve on a photo of their face, within 24 hours or so I will present a working “model” of what the painting will look like.  I will make a composite of the key elements that were photographed, including the pose, objects, background, etc. This is a photographic “sketch” of the proposed painting.  It will be nearly identical to what the final painting will look like.  I will send it by email for their approval (or whoever would be overlooking the progress).  If there is a problem, we can re-shoot with no problem.  This is the time for changes.  Once this is agreed upon then I will begin the painting.  Once the painting is started, major changes cannot be made, and the final painting cannot be refused.

4) When I feel the painting is nearly completed, I would like to show it to the subject, or someone they feel they could trust and knows them well, for any suggestions on likeness and character.  At this point I do not like many people to see it, as there may be as many (or more) opinions.  The painting will need around 2 weeks to dry before applying the temporary varnish and a frame, and then it would be ready to be shipped, delivered and unveiled.

5) Framing. I will keep the frame style consistent with the other paintings it will be hanging with, or it can be framed by the people commissioning the painting.

6) 12 – 18 months after the painting is completed, I will revisit the painting and apply a final varnish.  The final varnish cannot be applied prior to a year, as the oils need time to fully cure and polymerize, if applied before they risk combining with the varnish, and that’s a bad thing. This will entail removing the painting from the wall and then I will remove it from the frame and varnish it. I will need around 24 hours for the painting to be down.